(1) - A loin cloth generally in a check design from 2 yards to 91/2 yards long by 29-in. to 44-in. wide, woven from ordinary as well as mercerised cotton and sometimes from an admixture of cotton yarn with silk, rayon and mercerised cotton yarn. Worn by Mohammedans. Made on hand looms by native labour (2) - A favourite head-dress with a large part of the population in the Punjab as well as the North-west Frontier Province. It is woven in plain white, or in check and "Chini" designs mostly on primitive looms from mill_ made yarn of 20's to 40's counts. The first two varieties are used by almost all classes, especially among Hindus, while the latter called " chini " (woven with blue and white ends in alternate order) is precerred by the Mohammedans. The chief districts of production are Hoshiarpur, Jullundur, Ludhiana, Sialkot and Amritsar. Many varieties are made, each differing in some particular. The best known are as follows: - Lungi Amirana has gold thread borders. Lungi Battala, the body of the cloth is in red checks. Lungi Chaugarri has two-colour check designs. Lungi Chautani, the warp has four colour stripes, red, green, yellow and white. Lungi Chirwin has a white ground with single colour picks at intervals. Lungi Fakiri has a grey ground with single colour picks, yellow and white. Lungi Manjha has dark and light blue checks. Lungi Sated is plain white. Lungi Safed Kinaradar has a white ground and coloured border. Lungi Tirkandi has three colours in warp and weft. Lungi Tirtani has three colours in warp in three bars, red, green, yellow.

Dictionary of the English textile terms. 2014.

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